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The Sharp Edge

Avalanche Beacons Inbounds

Responding to Unofficial Networks I reckon most skiers do not know what an avalanche beacon is let alone wonder if they need to wear such beacons inbounds at resorts. However, Unofficial Networks editorializes on the […]

Trainerroad review -- a screen capture of my trainerroad wnorkout -- kennedy mountai
Après Ski

Trainerroad Review

I recently purchased the annual license to Trainerroad and I present to you this Trainerroad review! Disclosure Every review I write contains this disclosure statement (maybe not the early ones but I do note how […]

Face your fears
The Sharp Edge

The Fear of Fear

Yeah, I can lazily arc Midwestern blue and black groomers all day long and not feel a bit of fear, but that does not make me a better skier. I can go off on a short easy bike ride, but that does not increase my fitness or cycling abilities. I can write a simple Perl extract in a day but again it does not make me better professionally. […]

The Skiing ABCs O -- A wooden letter block with the letter O
Après Ski

The Skiing ABCs O

This entry is part 16 of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

Skiing ABCsThe Skiing ABCs NThe Skiing ABCs MThe Skiing ABCs LThe Skiing ABCs KThe Skiing ABCs JSkiing ABCs ISkiing ABCs HSkiing ABCs GSkiing ABCs FSkiing ABCs ESkiing ABCs DSkiing ABCs CSkiing ABCs BSkiing ABCs ASkiing […]

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First Bikeride

Here is my first bikeride of this season. Not so flashy as my ski tracks, but there is some up and down on this trip. It was a nice sunny day today. I went to […]

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My Camera Gear

One of the things I am working on doing here is to get myself taking photographs again. When I graduated form college I received a Minolta Maxxum 7000i & an introductory lens as a gift. […]

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Après Ski

Digg it Man!

Another site you can express your support of the The Wisconsin Skier is at Digg. While I do not submit every article I do submit one or two per week. Digg also has a cool […]

marijuana and snow

Marijuana and Snow

A frequent story I am seeing in relation to skiing and snowboarding is the move by the states of Colorado and Washington to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. With both states being leading ski […]

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