Face your fears
The Sharp Edge

The Fear of Fear

Yeah, I can lazily arc Midwestern blue and black groomers all day long and not feel a bit of fear, but that does not make me a better skier. I can go off on a short easy bike ride, but that does not increase my fitness or cycling abilities. I can write a simple Perl extract in a day but again it does not make me better professionally. […]

The Skiing ABCs O -- A wooden letter block with the letter O
Après Ski

The Skiing ABCs O

This entry is part 16 of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

The Skiing ABCs O is a tough installment. In fact, I could only come up with three entries and I have removed two of them from the list for reasons I will not go into. […]

The Skiing ABCs N -- a cube with N on the faces

The Skiing ABCs N

This entry is part of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

Today, in The Skiing ABCs N we discuss a few ski terms beginning with the letter N. This was a tough one, and I am guessing I am missing some terms, what can you think […]

The Skiing ABCs M -- a cube with M on its faces

The Skiing ABCs M

This entry is part of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

Happy New Year everyone.I am resolving to create more ski content. To be quite honest I am in preparation for my ski trip to Whitefish and the 2018 bike racing season. This means instead of […]

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2010 Winter Olympic Games

Freestyle Ski Events Today

Today the men’s freestyle mogul ski happens. The qualification round starts at 4:30 pm CST and the medal round starts at 7:30 pm CST. Team USA features Patrick Deneen, Michael Morse, Bryon Wilson, and Nathan […]

No Picture
The Sharp Edge

Friendly Competition

Very closely I watched the USSA J4/J5/J6 Finale at Ski Brule on March 6 and 7. It was fun to watch these children ski and engage in friendly competition. Much is made of youth competition, […]

No Picture

The Bespectacled Skier

I have great teeth — little problems with my teeth beyond fillings and now that I am getting on in years refillings. No braces, no root canals, no whitening, or no caps. However, I am […]

Draco Strikes!

Draco Strikes

The winter storm Draco arrives in Wisconsin on December 20, 2012! I would classify the hype with this storm as high but the reality of the storm as moderate. It is our first major winter […]

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