The Skiing ABCs O -- A wooden letter block with the letter O
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The Skiing ABCs O

The Skiing ABCs O is a tough installment. In fact, I could only come up with three entries and I have removed two of them from the list for reasons I will not go into. […]

The Skiing ABCs N -- a cube with N on the faces

The Skiing ABCs N

Today, in The Skiing ABCs N we discuss a few ski terms beginning with the letter N. This was a tough one, and I am guessing I am missing some terms, what can you think […]

The Skiing ABCs M -- a cube with M on its faces

The Skiing ABCs M

Happy New Year everyone.I am resolving to create more ski content. To be quite honest I am in preparation for my ski trip to Whitefish and the 2018 bike racing season. This means instead of […]

whitefish lodging review -- photo of the Evergreen condo

Whitefish Lodging Review

After the skiing, the most important thing a ski resort can do is to offer lodging. I do not need luxurious lodging, only safe and reasonably comfortable lodging. Here is my Whitefish lodging review. Whitefish […]

Family in front of the their fireplace
Après Ski

Gather by the Fireplace

Is there anything more satisfying after a hard day of skiing or snowboarding than sitting by the fireplace? I am a bit snobbish about fireplaces and practice real wood fireplace in my house. Gather by […]

Wisconsin Bike Federation versus the MacIver Institute

The Political Cyclist

The Political Cyclist — The Wisconsin Bike Federation I am currently a member of the Wisconsin Bike Federation. I am also a former political partisan but I am still on one side of the political […]

Ripping Snowboarder!

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Molsons for the Guys!

What is this with the handing flowers to the guys who win medals? They should get their medal and a can of Molson, LOL, they can even make it a Molson “Canadian”. I suppose, the […]

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Sweet Sweet March Snow

The latest Wisconsin Skier snow report here. Last weekend I was up north at Ski Brule and the conditions were fantastic! Nothing wrong with the scene at Ski Brule, plenty of snow riding left! The […]

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Skiing in Door County

I am in the process of redesigning the Wisconsin Skier Ski Map. That process is in its early stages more analysis than anything. However, it got me to thinking about ski resorts in the region […]

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Après Ski


I am a 42 year old guy obviously living in Wisconsin. I was born, grew up, and spent near about all of my life save for six years in Wisconsin. You know, I like beer!

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