Face your fears
The Sharp Edge

The Fear of Fear

Yeah, I can lazily arc Midwestern blue and black groomers all day long and not feel a bit of fear, but that does not make me a better skier. I can go off on a short easy bike ride, but that does not increase my fitness or cycling abilities. I can write a simple Perl extract in a day but again it does not make me better professionally. […]

The Skiing ABCs O -- A wooden letter block with the letter O
Après Ski

The Skiing ABCs O

This entry is part 16 of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

The Skiing ABCs O is a tough installment. In fact, I could only come up with three entries and I have removed two of them from the list for reasons I will not go into. […]

The Skiing ABCs N -- a cube with N on the faces

The Skiing ABCs N

This entry is part of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

Today, in The Skiing ABCs N we discuss a few ski terms beginning with the letter N. This was a tough one, and I am guessing I am missing some terms, what can you think […]

The Skiing ABCs M -- a cube with M on its faces

The Skiing ABCs M

This entry is part of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

Happy New Year everyone.I am resolving to create more ski content. To be quite honest I am in preparation for my ski trip to Whitefish and the 2018 bike racing season. This means instead of […]

whitefish lodging review -- photo of the Evergreen condo

Whitefish Lodging Review

This entry is part of 6 in the series Whitefish 2017

After the skiing, the most important thing a ski resort can do is to offer lodging. I do not need luxurious lodging, only safe and reasonably comfortable lodging. Here is my Whitefish lodging review. Whitefish […]

Family in front of the their fireplace
Après Ski

Gather by the Fireplace

Is there anything more satisfying after a hard day of skiing or snowboarding than sitting by the fireplace? I am a bit snobbish about fireplaces and practice real wood fireplace in my house. Gather by […]

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Ski Deals

As of Wednesday March 3, 2010 I find only the following ski resorts offering a deal to upper Midwest March skiers: Blackjack Ski and Resort — Sunday March 21, 2010 customer appreciation day. $10.00 lift […]

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Let us Salute Boyne!

Saw the following tweet by The Ski Examiner Eric Wagnon: @BOYNE announces donation total from last weekend’s effort for Haiti #skiing . Following the link I see: Donation totals $30,528 In response to the […]

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Like Skiing Like Photography

Somewhere and sometime in the distant past I recall reading a skier talking about how he thought the improvement in ski technology would make better skiers of many people. He confessed that he was wrong […]

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Ski Pass Defender

Not too long ago I was “followed” by an outfit promoting a piece of gear you could put your RFID chip containing ski pass into (bigger resorts use RFID containing passes to expedite the process […]

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Après Ski

RIP Dave Brubeck

RIP Dave Brubeck, who passed away today. The embedded video is of his greatest hit, but of course there is a lot more great Dave Brubeck music than just this one piece. Take Five is […]

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