A Confession

If you have a blog or ever dabbled in blogging you know how blogging for bucks makes gardening in the desert seem easy. It is not that easy and ad-revenue is tough to earn. In fact, my experiences indicate the more I write the less revenue I earn from the advertising.

So, when I came across a post today, passed on by a friend it noted that blogs and writing should not be your main product, that your blog should support some sort of product or service of real value to people. I like to think my writing is a real product, but I know better I am not going to be winning any prizes for my writing.

In fact…

I expressed the same conclusion to a close friend of mine last winter during a ride up over the Big Bear (Ski Brule) and he concurred. This is not my only experience “blogging” I have written a political blog, and setup a few others. The political blog is not dead but it is inactive and is more of a forum for expressing thoughts where I want a degree of anonymity. That blog is also hooked up to Google AdSense and that account has yet to pay out. I have had a couple payouts here, but I was using AdWords and easily the $ I had to payout to generate the traffic easily exceeded what I earned in ad revenue.

The post I read noted the best use of a blog is to promote a product or a service and not serve as the product itself. That is why you, as a business person should seriously think of setting up a blog. Push creative uses of your product, give your customers tips on caring for the product, give them some insight on how your product came into being. Keep them coming and deliver value to them, and use the blog as another communications channel. I do have one suggestion, formulate a policy or guidelines on dealing with upset customers and feedback.

One good site out there that follows the above advice is a Daily Crusher colleague Debbie Stevens at Lynn Allen Consulting. There she not only writes about herself and her life, but gives out tax and accounting advice for free. Free anything can only go so far, if you are busy running a business the free advice may be helpful but if you are too busy to really sit down and figure out all your tax and accounting needs, whose name is at the top of your mind? Yeah, Deborah’s name is.

Deborah has no ads on her site as Google Ads would most likely place ads for business in direct competition with Deborah. I have seen that firsthand and the Google Ads disappeared real quick.

I do not want to get too deep into my plans, they will be revealed in time as they become reality, but they follow the general notion that my writing is not enough of a product or a service.

Good Stuff!

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  1. I hear you brother. Thanks for sharing this. I know a lot of folks keep things going in the hopes of magical things happening and then having a bunch of click-throughs. Not so all the time. You are linked in with some killer folks- The Daily Crushers have some tweaks waiting for you. Get ready world. Mark F. is going to be HUGE!

  2. Hey Mark. I want you to know that I have gotten a lot out of your writing. I’ve learned a lot about you and life. Both are valuable things to know. However, I agree that you could take your blog to another level by offering something more. Can’t wait to see what you have in mind. Thanks for the kind words about my blog as well. I’m honored to be part of the Daily Crushers with you.

    Keep the stories coming.

  3. Debbie,

    Thank you for the encouragement. You too are an inspiration for me, reading the post you put up a couple of days ago is an inspiration. After all you have been through and for you to keep getting up and fighting and pushing on is amazing.

  4. Patrick,

    It does. As I state, I have blogged for a long time but did so to try to push my point of view on a range of topics. As I have seen noted a number of times, I was working on the old newspaper/magazine model. With the internet that model does not work, because as I am sure you note someone somewhere writes a piece, it then someone cribs into a Wiki and then gets replicated all over the web in EHows, in Yahoo Answers, in, in, in…

    Debbie, already has a service or product (if you will) to offer and uses her blog/website to build awareness and to earn a following. I did that with a web client of mine in the past, but her keeping current and relevant material pumping out faded sometime ago.

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