Get Physically Fit Or Else….

Get Physically Fit!
Get Physically Fit or Else...!

Get Physically Fit!
Get Physically Fit or Else…!
Get Physically Fit or else…. It is bad enough random stupid stuff can rob us of our health so why make the loss of your health more likely by free will? For most people the valuable thing we possess is bodies in decent health and unfortunately too many of us take it for granted we will always have good health, we set ourselves onto autopilot eating and drinking whatever and however much we want. Unless we control and make conscious and informed choices though, that health we enjoy will become a memory as all of the king’s horses and all the king’s men try to restore your health.

Get Physically Fit Or Else… — Medical Science is not Omnipotent

Medical science has achieved wonders in prolonging and improving the quality of our lives and has vanquished many diseases, but it is still a good idea not to believe medical science can do anything. Remember, they call it practicing medicine and not performing. Doctors and nurses are humans with limited knowledge and resources and can mess up just like anyone else. The medicines they provide to us should be viewed as short term help through crises and not an enabler to allow us to make poor choices. Working out at the gym is a much better alternative to controlling blood pressure than medicine.

Get Physically Fit Or Else… — Stop Pretending to Be Active

Even if you are active at times, making poor choices the rest of the time will kill off your active life. You will not ski as long as you could both on a given day and over your lifetime. You will not be able to get down those stairs so easily to your “cave” and even the dull (but necessary) stuff that fills our day will become even more of a chore.

I am not saying stop what activities you do, but that eventually your bodies will demand it.

Get Physically Fit Or Else… — Make Educated Choices

Being physically fit does not mean you have to live a cloistered life in the gym and undergo penance of a rigidly monitored diet, it means re-balancing your activity and food choices. Eight times out of ten make the healthy choice and go crazy on the remaining two choices. Those two choices will not only be more enjoyable but that nagging feeling of guilt will be much more easily beaten down (it is always there, but it is much more quiet).

Do not let others dissuade you from your choices, let them know what you are up to and if they are worth having in your life they will understand.

Get Physically Fit Or Else… — I Was on The Wrong Track

Two to one and one-half years ago I was in the audience this article is preaching too. I witnessed loved ones go through major medical problems due to their lifestyle choices and I saw firsthand how helpless the medical community is in those cases and it wised me up.

The other night wrapping up my workout I was chatting with an elderly fellow. He had no doubt the reason he was not in a nursing home was due to his exercise routine. Working out on a regular basis may not extend one’s life much, but let me tell you, it improves the life you do have. Quality not quantity.

Get Physically Fit Or Else… — What Are You Doing?

What are you doing to improve (or keep) your physical fitenss?

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