The Skiing Bear!

You may have heard of the Dancing Bears an iconic set of bears associated with the Grateful Dead. Well, I am working on putting them into ski gear!

Skiing Bear
It is a fair amount of drudgery, but it is funny how labors of love (an oxymoron) do not seem like drudgery but you keep pushing on and driving on till you reach your goal. I want to add boots and perhaps actual skis rather than the black lines I drew. Still I like it! Also, I am using images I captured and modified for a java applet I wrote around 15 or so years ago!

I took a scan of the bumper sticker, isolated each bear, and smoothed out the edges (in some cases pixel by pixel), and then cloned and colored the bears. So, each color set had one bear in each dance step. I then coded up a java applet to put the bears through their dance steps.

As you can see, I have other plans for the Dancing Bears. What I really need is larger images, the one above is 55 pixels square and a lot of detail gets lost when ski gear gets scaled down from let us say 200×250 to 20×25!

Good Stuff!

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