It’s All Over Ski Brule

Ski you next December!

It's All Over Ski Brule
The Snow Too is Melting Under You!

It's All Over Ski Brule
The Snow Too is Melting Under You!
Yesterday was the day that has me singing It’s All Over Ski Brule. It started out as an okay day, the snow was heavy but my skis were able to flow over the top of the snow without complication. The temps in the morning were under freezing with my truck thermometer reporting 26° F and the forecast calling for a low of 14° F. I was not on the first chair up the hill but the second or third and my truck was one of about 24 total at Ski Brule.

It’s All Over Ski Brule — Before and After the Break

Before the break the skiing was not the greatest but it was not all that bad either. I hit a top speed in the upper 30s (38mph) down Whitewater and was generally having a good time especially on Otterslide. I then went in for a break that probably lasted an hour or so and when I came back out the snow became very grabby, very much stop-go-stop-go-stop-go and gave my toes a very good workout (no doubt the break affected my balance but not like that!) and it was a struggle. I took in a number of runs despite that and found some spots of good snow but they were hiding on the edges of runs and again would eventually give way to stop-snow.

I took maybe another five runs and skied down Big Bear and with a heavy sigh retreated into the lodge to call it a year. At this time the air temperatures were in the 50s maybe even in the 60s. I was considering bringing one of my bicycles and related gear, but I decided against that and wish I had. I unkitted hung out some more and snapped some photos and turned my back to Ski Brule for the 2014/2015 ski season.

Its All Over Ski Brule — Not Open for Long

I can not see them being open past next week, I suspect their free day of closing will be sometime this week. Temperatures will be in the 60s this week all around.

Its All Over Ski Brule — Go Strike Another Match Go Start Anew

Now that ski season is done, I can focus on my bicycling and I will be spending more time on this and other websites.

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