Blackjack Slush Cup Action 2013

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Slides from the Blackjack Slush Cup Action of 2013! My photos turned out okay, but nothing I consider a real wow.

Blackjack Slush Cup Action — Not the Right Weather

But yet the right weather. The weather was full on pure winter. Usually at this time of the year there are hints of spring, but not so this weekend UpNort or even at home. We had fresh snowfall at Blackjack and they left it on some runs fully wild and on others made an attempt at grooming. Needless to say the deep powder challenged our skiing ability, but that is a good thing, right?

Blackjack Slush Cup Action — Not the Right Weather

One member of my skiing group noted the slush cup participants were not very bright. I had to point out there probably was not a participant above 20 years of age, ahhh, the irrationality of youth!

Unfortunately, the best scenes occurred when I was not able to photograph them or I missed the shot due to poor technique. Again, this is all a learning experience. The weather made for less than great light, again the photographs turn out blah, but that of course is due to the blah weather. We only saw a small patch of clear blue sky that day, but we did see plenty of snow falling!

Blackjack Slush Cup Action — Tough Pond

The pond was longer than the last one I witnessed at Blackjack. Not a single snowboarder made it across and only three skiers made it across on the first run and two on the second. The snowboarders tended to fizzle out about half way across the pond and skiers too, of course the skiers sometimes would crash into the pond. This is too bad as the snowboarders can put on a great show when they get across.

Blackjack Slush Cup Action — More Coming!

I have more shots and as I edit them and select more worth publishing (and able to publish, see my comments about the age of the participants, if enough of their face is showing we can recognize them walking on the street I will be withholding publication) I will add them to the slideshow.

Did you witness any spring flings this last few weekends? Please share by offering up a comment!

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