Draco Strikes

Draco Strikes!
Draco Strikes!

Draco Strikes!
Draco Strikes!
The winter storm Draco arrives in Wisconsin on December 20, 2012! I would classify the hype with this storm as high but the reality of the storm as moderate. It is our first major winter storm of the 2012-2013 so of course it seems huge. It takes people time to adjust to winter weather and driving. Plus, snow blowing driveways is a necessary chore again.

Of course, being The Wisconsin Skier I do like to see snow. I am hoping to take up cross-country skiing this winter. I want to get out and currently most of my physical activity is indoors, those are good and serving me well, but I also need something to do outside. Plus, many of my friends and neighbors like to snowmobile and many depend on the business snowmobiling brings to them.

If you live here, you really need to get out even during the winter otherwise one gets cabin fever. Cabin fever which is a real phenomena and if you don’t get out from time to time you will go crazy. The key is to get proper clothing and wear it, you need to get out but no one needs frostbite or hypothermia. Also, another good and helpful winter hint is to dress in layers and spend some money to purchase a good base layer.

Draco Tracks

I took the photographs the day before the storm and during the storm,I leave it to you as an exercise to figure out which is which.

draco day before and during
The day before and the day after Draco. December 19 & 20 2012

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