Sony A55 — My Initial Impressions

I just picked up the Sony A55 camera body. It is isn’t quite right to call it an DSLR as it isn’t really one, but it is close enough. SLRs have mirrors that allow the photographer to sight the photograph directly through the lens and when the button is tripped the mirror is pulled out of the way and photograph is recorded. Most DSLR style or class cameras have retained this. However, the Sony A55 has a fixed mirror that allows some of the light through to the exposure plane and causes a bit of the light to go to sensors that drive the view through the eyepiece or the screen.

Initially, that difference shied me away from the camera, but a big boss piece of glass — a 300 mm F/2.8 lens told me to get over those objections or else! That lens is one I purchased years ago for my Minolta Maxxum 7000i (film) camera. Of course my 50 mm macro, and a 70-210 zoom (all with a 2x teleconverter) joined in chorus and I finally broke down and bought the camera.

I was looking at the Sony Alpha 550 or Alpha 580, but a number of negative reviews on color rendition and on the lack of video shooting ability kept me away. I had read much on the A55 and I saw no serious or substantial criticisms that kept me away.

So far (I have had the camera for less than a week as of this writing) I like:

  1. The ability to mount my old Minolta Maxxum lenses
  2. The ability to mount my old Minolta Maxxum flash
  3. The ability to shoot video — especially when coupled with the ability to change lenses
  4. The seeming ability to rapidly shoot photos, the specs report up to 10 frames per second!

What I dislike:

  1. The smallish size of it, makes it a tad difficult to contort my man-hands to work the exposure adjustments (in manual mode)
  2. The inability to work my flash wirelessly

So far, this is all I have to say about the camera. I hope to transition all of my website photography and videography to that piece of equipment.

Good Stuff!

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