Opening Weekend

Finds me at home instead of Upnorth.

I have never been much of a rush to get out onto the water at the first moment. Anyways, panfishing seasons do not close and most of the fishing I do anyway is panfishing.
Add to that, muskie and bass fishing does not open for nearly one more month and walleye seasons is practically non-existent Upnorth, I find I can wait for warmer weather to go fishing.

Opening of fishing season is a big deal. As much as resort and hospitality depend on snowmobiling during the winter it pales in comparison to the summer season. I remember once, I had landed a decent walleye and we were at the taxidermist’s shop and one fellow milling about looked at us and said Everyone’s a fisherman. I kept my mouth shut, but the response would have been so and talking to him about how we are up in the fall and winter too (this was prior to the birth of my skiing obsession) for bird, deer hunting, and ice fishing.

I am under no illusions, summer is king Upnorth. Eagle River during July & August seems about three to four times more populated than it does during January & February. The streets are bustling, shops have their wares on the sidewalk, you have to wait to be seated at a cafe, and you need to think about how you drive into a city lest you get caught in traffic congestion. During the winter the region is ours. The resorts are mostly all closed, the cafes are empty, and the streets seem deserted.

Deer hunting is a boom, but once again, it is nowhere near as big as the summer holidays. Mostly it is men for deer hunting but during the summer it is the whole family. Mom, Dad, the children and the pets.

I am sure the business owners Upnorth would like it to be otherwise, but if they have been in business for more than one year they know this fact of life and if they have been in business for two or more years they know how to ride out the boom and bust seasonal cycles.

I will have enough time to fish this summer and will do so when the weather is even nicer.

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