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About one month ago I relaxed commenting requirements, I no longer require you to sign in to comment on an article. I set this site up that way to head off spam comments, still the spam crept in via pingbacks and trackbacks. I then relaxed the sign in requirement and the comments then started rolling in! I have a cadre of loyal readers who comment now, and then of course the spam comments started to roll in:

Great post your writing is real clear and you knowledge oh so awesome.

The comments do not refer anything in the article and they leave a website, they obviously hope I click on and buy lots of [email protected]@ or 0xyc0nt!n.

I started to resign myself to this and spent a bit of time every day analyzing the comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks submitted. For most of those, it did not take too much time to make a determination and those with previously approved comments were summarily approved by the system.

Recently, I implemented a new piece of software and the spam comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks have vanished! Another interesting observation is by using another tool I have noticed the spam visitors have dropped to near nothingness, which is good.

Data processors (yes, this effort of mine is data processing) constantly face tradeoffs. The tradeoff I face here is openness vs. security. I realize a few ham readers may be blocked from the site but this allows me to focus on providing good readable content rather than spending time on the backend.

One last note, make sure you anti-malware software is up to date and running. Your PC may be guilty of spamming and leaving spam comments. I have seen this closeup, an unwitting ham user working on a laptop spewing out spam.

I suggest F-Prot anti-virus and malware to protect your system from abuse.

Good Stuff!

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