Spam Counter-Attack!

I recently installed a couple of pieces of software to help classify visitors based on their past activity related to spam propagation. As you may be aware, spammers use a number of different tactics. One is to write programs (frequently referred to as ‘bots or plain old bots) to scour websites for e-mail addresses, and when a bot finds and e-mail address it records that address in a database somewhere. The second piece of the puzzle is the spammer has another program that reads that database blasting out the spam to the e-mails its ‘bot finds.

Another tactic they use is to find sites such as this and to attempt to leave comments. They are always obsequious and annoying great post you are a such a good writer, by the way, have you ever considered using <insert standard spam pitch>. That is why I require you to register and log in to comment (and then I have to moderate your first comment). I know it is costing me comments but so be it, I have hope and faith I will garner a following that the comments will come and when that happens I want to provide quality not quantity.

Yet another way they work their spam is by referral spam. Referral spam is only visible to me and the most annoying part of it is referral spammers (along with other spam bots) register as a visitor but really are not. I want interested people here.

Here is an important thing you need to know. You are being checked against a database and if you come to see blank page, you are a suspected bad-spam-actor (or actress). If you are not, then you need to update your malware scanner and run it. I will create a page so those suspected of being bad actors will see this message and are given further opportunity to tar themselves.

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