The Wisconsin Skier Ski Map is being Revised

Calling ALL ski resorts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Ontario — I am in the process of revising the Wisconsin Skier Ski Map and I want to put YOU on that map.

I am still analyzing the capabilities of Google Maps and what I need to do with it, but at the very least I want to give my growing number of readers and visitors the ability to see where your resort is in relation to them. Not just your regulars (who don’t need the map) but vacationers who may be looking to get some carving action in while visiting Grandma & Grandpa.

What I would like to have from you is the following:

  1. Official Name
  2. The complete address of your resort (NOT your mailing address) but your resort’s physical address
  3. Your website URL
  4. Your contact e-mail
  5. Your twitter ID
  6. Your facebook fan or group URL

Please, register and leave the information as a comment to this posting. I will leave it up to serve as link bait back to your site!

I really want to work with you to develop a two sets of winners. I want my readers and viewers to win by getting the current information they need to make decisions on skiing, and I want YOU to win by helping you to draw more skiers and patrons.

In addition, after I get the ski resorts on the map, I hope to add hospitality and service businesses of interest to skiers. More details on this will follow. The same deal applies, I hope to provide good information to your potential customers and lead more customers and patrons to you!

Good Stuff!

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