Wisconsin Ski Map Update

Since the map is a fairly popular item here at The Wisconsin Skier I wanted to post you on the progress I am making on it.

I have created the database for the application and I just completed compiling the data I need for the first release which will be basic resort location information. So in the next day or so I will upload that data to my database and start working on the process to load up the data I need to put pins on a map! Once that is done, I have to put the pins on the map and version one will be deemed complete and I will deploy it!

The map will includes ski resorts in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and of course Wisconsin!

I plan to add resort specific data to the application and add layers to the map so if you are at a ski resort you can, for instance, select the “restaurant” layer and any restaurants I have put on the map will appear, but that functionality is going to be included in a future release.

Thanks for your patience!

Good Stuff!

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