Skiing ABCs E
Après Ski

Skiing ABCs E

January 3, 2016 0

Skiing ABCs E — E is for Edge Modern alpine skis have edges, edges are simply strips of (some sort of) steel laid into the bottom and outside of the skis. The edges are critical […]

Skiing with a Fitbit

Skiing with a Fitbit

January 1, 2016 0

Skiing with a Fitbit is hassle free but how does it do tracking our activity? That is the question I set out to answer on New Year’s weekend of 2016. Skiing with a Fitbit — […]

Skiing ABCs D
Après Ski

Skiing ABCs D

December 31, 2015 0

Skiing ABCs D — D is for Devil’s Head Devil’s Head is a ski resort in south-central Wisconsin. Devil’s Head is on the edge of the Driftless Area which is an area of the upper […]

Smartwool Baselayer Review -- Smartwool Logo
Ski Gear Reviews

Smartwool Baselayer Review

December 30, 2015 0

On the night of December 28, 2015 I was clearing my driveway while a raging blizzard was occurring. I was wearing my usual baselayer and for outerwear a pair of thin pants, a hoodie, and […]

Skiing ABCs C

Skiing ABCs C

December 29, 2015 0

Skiing ABCs C — the CODE Before you go skiing or snowboarding get to know the CODE. The code is essentially the rules of the road for the skier and chief among these rules is […]

Skiing ABCs B

Skiing ABCs B

December 27, 2015 0

Skiing ABCs B — B is for Bluebird Skiers do not mind the gray days as those are the days delivering the fresh goods (ie snow) to us and if it is snowing hard enough […]

Skiing ABCs A

Skiing ABCs A

December 25, 2015 0

We start off with Skiing ABCs A, the first article in this series is going to cover terms beginning with the letter A. I have two in mind one is fun and the other is […]

Skiing ABCs -- Terminology Associated with Skiing

Skiing ABCs

December 25, 2015 0

This is the lead article in a series of 26 I am going to do entitled Skiing ABCs. It is NOT a presentation of basic ski technique but instead I will go over the jargon […]

Tree Wells Are Deadly!

Tree Wells: What Are They?

December 24, 2015 0

Here in the US upper Midwest we do not experience the risk of the deep powder snow danger known as tree wells. Our chief dangers is the crash which range from trivial to the ultimate. […]

Marcel Hirscher is nearly struck by a Drone

Drone Nearly Crashes into Marcel Hirscher!

December 23, 2015 0

Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher narrowly avoided crashing onto him durin the FIS slalom race in Madonna di Campiglio in Italy. Here is the video: . Wow, good thing he skis fast! We can expect to […]

Mikaela Shiffrin Injured

Mikaela Shiffrin Out for the Season

December 16, 2015 0

The Denver Post is reporting Mikaela Shiffrin’s injuries are likely to keep her out of the rest of this season. Typically, grade 3 MCL tears require 4-8 weeks of healing time but the complicating bone […]

I will Cycle!
Après Ski

If I Can Not Ski I Will Cycle!

December 13, 2015 0

It is the middle of December at the International Lair of the Wisconsin Skier and the precipitation is rain not snow and the temps are ranging from 40° to 50° F. The winter sports enthusiast […]

Mikaela Shiffrin Injured

Mikaela Shiffrin Injured!

December 12, 2015 0

Mikaela Shiffrin injured herself in a crash during giant slalom warmups in Åre Sweden. NBC Sports reports: Olympic slalom champion Mikaela Shiffrin crashed while warming up for a World Cup giant slalom race in Are, […]

Birds of Prey Ski Race 2015

Birds of Prey Ski Race 2015

December 5, 2015 0

Today is the men’s Birds of Prey Ski race 2015 downhill event! Not quite the Daytona 500 of ski racing (at least two other events beat the Birds of Prey ski race in terms of […]

Time to Plant Poles!

The 2015-2016 Midwest Snow Season is Open!

November 21, 2015 0

2015-2016 Midwest Snow Season Finally. the 2015-2016 Midwest snow season is open! Many different resorts are reporting being open for skiing and snowboarding! Most resorts were hoping to have been open for a few weeks […]

Universal Sports is off the Air

Universal Sports is Off the Air

November 16, 2015 0

Well the least anticipated event of November has come to pass — Universal Sports is no longer broadcasting. However, we see this on Twitter: It’s official! @NBCSports plans on airing the ENTIRE @fisalpine World Cup […]

Wisconsin Ski Resort -- Devil' Head

Wisconsin Ski Resorts

November 7, 2015 3

Wisconsin Ski Resorts — Number 3 Nationally in Terms of Ski Resorts Count! In life we often make trade-offs between quantity versus quality. In Wisconsin nature has taken the later option off the table with […]

REI You are Doing Good
The Sharp Edge

REI You Are Doing Good

November 2, 2015 1

The recent revelation that REI is going to keep its doors closed is a welcome one! REI you are doing good and here is why. REI You Are Doing Good — Against Creeping Crass Commercialism […]

REI You are Doing Good

REI to #OptOutside on Black Friday

October 28, 2015 0

In a surprise and bold move the national outdoor chain REI to #OptOutside on Black Friday! In other words, REI is going to keep their stores closed on Black Friday in addition to Thanksgiving Thursday! […]

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Getting Fired Up

January 17, 2010 0

One of the true pleasures of ski season and skiing is the fireplace that most lodges have. In addition, Wisconsin Skier Ski Headquarters also has a fireplace. However, I give a lot more bonus points […]

A Mount Bohemia Review

January 5, 2010 0

FYI — this is a post I wrote on the old The Wisconsin Skier and there is a lot of search requests coming in for this post so I replicate it here. No, this review […]

Lining Up

March 8, 2010 0

Even after skiing all day long and skiing hard the children were still full of energy. Climbing up on the ramp and looking for others to play with.


September 7, 2010 0

Ufda! It has been a long off-season. I am starting to post pieces again and it is taking some time to re-acquaint myself with the various procedures and customs I established last year. No doubt […]

WIN an Indianhead Season’s Pass

October 16, 2010 0

Saw this going through my twitter account the other day: Text BIGSNOW To 95495 To Win! Text BIGSNOW to 95495 for a chance to win an Indianhead Season Pass. Also, while talking about it, […]

Blizzard On the Way!

April 1, 2010 0

I am hearing reports a late season blizzard is targeting the Upper Midwest! I called my contacts at the area ski resorts and they are planning to be open! Stay tuned for more details!

The Klout Uncertainity Principle

November 22, 2011 0

I am set up on and periodically check my Klout score. While I think the score is reasonable I found something odd about it. I first became aware of and started following my Klout score […]

The T-Bar Follies

April 2, 2010 0

I most often shun rope-tows and t-bars. Typically one has to expend a fair amount of energy to ride them up, especially if the local geography is not well suited. Study the T-Bar in the […]

Review of Energy Chews

June 5, 2013 1

Bicycling is another passion of mine. One that has gone beyond being a penance for years of overindulging in food and drink and lack of physical activity. Now I bicycle as much for the challenge […]

Regional Snow Resorts Suspend Operations

January 4, 2014 3

January 4, 2014 DUE TO EXTREME COLD, REGIONAL RESORTS SUSPEND SNOW OPERATIONS Due to the extreme cold moving into the upper Midwest region snow resorts are suspending operations, the below notice comes from Indianhead Mountain […]

Ski Season 2014-2015 is Getting Closer!

October 18, 2014 0

Ski Season 2014-2015 is getting closer to becoming reality. Mountain resorts out west are opening up and Ski Brule is targeting their opening on November 7, 2014! That is real close.Yes, the prophesy is becoming […]

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Review

March 9, 2015 0

I have long used a Polar heart rate monitor when exercising, my first ones mating up with a watch like device. It gave me instantaneous feedback on my workout intensity. Not that I would ever […]

Love the Season You are With — Harumph!

March 7, 2012 0

Recently I opined: However, I detest the gripes and whines others have about Winter. Look, if you detest the wintry climate then move! There are many states that have milder or even no winters, as […]

Rolling Out the New Site

December 29, 2009 0

Not quite yet. However, I took many steps in that direction, but will not do so until after the holiday. In all likelihood I will not be able to bring the old stories and articles […]

Making Snow

November 19, 2013 6

One of the problems riders of the snow have is our dependence on winter producing adequate quantities of snow. Some winters resorts get plenty of snow and other winters it arrives late, meager, and leaves […]

Ski Dreaming

February 5, 2010 0

In another post here I have noted how I used to get the fishing catalogs in February & March and go nuts about the imminent fishing season. However, taking up skiing does one thing, it […]

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011!

December 31, 2010 0

Happy New Year to all of you! May it be a good one. 2010 in Review 2010 started off with myself resurrecting this website and revamping it. This effort has been fruitful in someways and […]

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