Fitbit Review

Fitbit Review

Recently my work’s (as in my 825 job) wellness program sponsored me a Fitbit device and so far I have mixed feelings about the Fitbit. Should you get a Fitbit,…


It Happened In Sun Valley!

This musical video is the opener of the musical film It Happened in Sun Valley. Is it a skiing thing or a Christmas thing? I heard this at work on…

Granite Peak!

Granite Peak Expansion

The Wisconsin Skier just learned of the initial phases of a Granite Peak expansion plan. I do not ski there often, but I have visited and reviewed the resort. The…

Lake Louise

Lake Louise Downhill Dominance

The Lake Louise downhill FIS ace is complete and the USA women sweep the podium! This is a first ever event for the US Ski team that our athletes sweep…

ski trail map art

Ski Map Art

Do you obtain and save your ski trail maps and use them as ski map art? Ski map art is a fairly standard business, most large resorts map design and…

Sugar is Vital for Life but Take it Easy!

Essential Sugar

Sugar is an important part of our diets and we do crave it and seek it out. Do we grasp for the sour or watery fruits? Do we rave about the wines produced in bad years? Do we instinctively look for the most sour foods or the sweet foods? Yes, our bodies, ourselves are programmed to seek and eat foodstuffs with sugar and the more of it the better.


Skier 20 Commandments

The Book of Exodus reports Moses took the ten commandments from God atop Mt. Sinai, since he was atop a Mountain it is obvious Moses was a skier! From one…

first snow of 2014-2015 winter

Snow Flying and Sticking!

Here at the International Lair of the Wisconsin Skier we have snow flying and sticking! I have seen snowflakes around here already but never enough to notice on the ground,…


Sleep, Health, and Skiing

Health articles on skiing and snowboarding are now mostly focused on getting the legs and core back into top skiing form and shape. Fewer still focus on nutrition and then…

Glen Plake at the Windy City Ski and Snowboard Show of 2014

Ski and Snowboard Show

October 26, 2014 Lorie and I attended the Windy City Ski and Snowboard Show of 2014 and the event of was very enjoyable, there was a good variety of booths…