The Last Hurrah?

Ski Season 2014-2015 is Getting Closer!

Ski Season 2014-2015 is getting closer to becoming reality. Mountain resorts out west are opening up and Ski Brule is targeting their opening on November 7, 2014! That is real…


Think Skiing!

Even on the Beach I think skiing![/caption] Folks, it is time to think skiing! If I am on the beach in an exotic tropical location reading Skiing Magazine (and yes, Ski Magazine was on my reading list too) how much more now that I am in home with reports of nearby falling snow?

John Pinette had a Ski Comedy Routine

Ski Comedy

I have asked about music with a skiing theme and this evening ski comedy came to mind in a similar way. What got me thinking of this was the death…

brown bag lunches are better

Brown Bag Lunches

Recently I commented on a Powder Magazine article decrying ski resort brown bag lunch discrimination at a ski resort in the Northwest US. In general I have no problem with…

Spring Skiing 2014!

Spring Skiing 2014

Saturday March 29, 2014 Ironwood Michigan. I spent last Saturday skiing, as is usual I did not arrive at Blackjack until the early afternoon and was out skiing a bit…

Brown Bag Lunc

Brown Bag Lunch Vs. Crystal Mountain

Powder Magazine published an article about how Crystal Mountain (in Washington state) restricts those with brown bag lunches from eating their lunch in certain places at certain times. In a…

Social Media Observations

I have been working this brand for sometime now and the road finally appears to be making a turn, I do not know how sharp the bend is but it…

Cheaper Skiing

Cheaper Skiing Begins NOW!

We all know skiing can be a pricey sport to participate in. You have to buy winter gear, the ski boots, the skis, the helmet, the goggles, etc. It adds…

time for the pole harvest

Pole Harvest

Many ski sites talk of pole planting, well after a ski season of planting poles it is soon to be time for the pole harvest! Last Saturday I was at…

Alpine Replay Review

Alpine Replay Review

I use a particular phone app to record and track my skiing statistics and here is my Alpine Replay review! I use a number of different motion tracking apps such…