Riding the Snow? Wear a Helmet!

Your Head is VERY Important -- Protect It!

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Wear a Helmet!Wear a Helmet!

Hey snow rider — wear a helemt! My helmet finally paid for itself.

Wear a Helmet — The Usual Thoughts

Most of us when thinking about wearing helmets think of either crashing and slamming our heads on hardpack, snowburied objects, ice; or we think of running into other skiers or objects (trees, buildings, lifts etc). Those are all very good reason to wear helmets. Running your head into any of those objects or falling and slamming your head on the surface you are riding is a bad thing. In my pre-helmet days I crashed once and my head slammed on the snow, still I was okay but it gave me reason to think about getting a helmet.

I think too, we all have heard stories about people crashing on ice patches and either suffering head injuries or being rescued from injury by a helmet.

Wear a Helmet — Flying Objects

Last Saturday evening I was skiing at Granite Peak in Wausau Wisconsin. I was off the run’s drop and on the runoff making turns concentrating on my hips and outside leg when something went wrong. Quickly I was on the snow and detected a ski release, I do not know what happened it just happened. Fortunately, all was well and then BONK bonk on the head!

What was that bonk? It was gravity bringing that ski back to earth straight on my head! Guess what? Aside from the surprise of the bonk I was quite okay. Now, would I have suffered major injury without the helmet? I doubt it but would I have kept skiing? I do not know, I do not know how that ski fell down on my head (flat or edge first), maybe I would have received a major cut? Maybe the ski would have given me enough cause to stop skiing for the evening, or who knows? All I know, the helmet spared myself pain and possible injury.

Mind you, I was not skiing on a hot run, I was not skiing tremendously fast, I was not skiing in trees, I did not collide with another person or an object, I simply fell and created a falling object zone and that falling object fell on my head. I am glad I was wearing my helmet.

Wear A Helmet — Just do It

Helmets are:

  • Warm
  • I have no problem keeping warm with my helmet.

  • You can wire them up
  • In the past I have worn earbuds while skiing, what a PITA. You can wire up your helmet and make the tunes delivery more reliable and easier to work with.

  • They do not look bad
  • I do not see they add or subtract from one’s fashion statement at all. If you want, pack your hat or cap and when walking into the lodge pull the helmet off and whip out your alternative headgear.

  • Come on, don’t risk your brain
  • Even the gruntiest of grunt workers signficantly rely on their brains to work and yes ride. You need a fully functional brain to pay for the riding and to ride, do not jeopardize either.

Wear a Helmet — We all Want you Back!

It is quite simple, anything that increases the odds you will walk off the resort grounds to walk back on is worth it, please wear a helmet when riding.

Wear a Helmet — Your Stories?

Have you had an incident you wish you were wearing a helmet or were glad because you were wearing a helmet? please share your store may inspire others to wear a helmet and that could be life saving!

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