Trivial Pursuits

The Wisconsin Skier takes snow sports seriously. However, one must realize as serious as it is, it is still a trivial pursuit mostly an activity to satisfy the adrenaline junkies we all are. Let us face it, all of us are adrenaline addicts. How else do you explain the tendency all of us have to go back to dangerous/treacherous situations we got out of, and relive those moments fondly?

We sit around campfires and tell the stories and laugh and chuckle. However at the time they may have been full of fear and horror, but if we survived (and better yet survived uninjured) we crave that action.

Your trip down a ski run may have been ill advised and horrific but it was voluntary.
Tomorrow marks the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Those young men were asleep in their racks or just getting the day’s activities started when they were thrust into a situation that would get anyone’s adrenaline up. That was not a trivial nor a voluntary pursuit.

Right now, we have young men and women in similar situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other place throughout the world. The military is currently an all-volunteer force, but their pursuits are not trivial.

Skiing and snowboarding are wonderful activities, but always keep it in perspective.

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