Android for the Skier — MyTracks

Nope, not a review of the Recon Android powered goggles (BTW Recon, I would be quite happy to serve as a guinea pig and review your products get in touch via the contact form!) but actually of Android phone applications available for the skier.

I have tried a number of them and keep coming back to two of them. One of them is not a ski-exclusive application, but the other is.

So let’s get to it…

MyTracks by Google

Google's MyTracks Application for Android
Google's MyTracks


Google MyTracks is a GPS based tracking application that locks onto a GPS and records that data continuously (mostly) and then you can retrieve that data or simply display your tracks against a satellite image of your path. You can retrieve aggregate statistics on your session such as maximum speed, average speed, distance traveled and other similar data. In addition you can upload the tracks to Google and access the raw data.

MyTracks also has the ability to receive signals from heart rate monitors and other sensors often used by those training.

What I like

I have always wondered how fast I ski. I no longer wonder, I know and it is suprising! In addition, it gives me an idea of the terrain I cover, all things I could only guess at before and now I know.

What I Dislike

Any GPS Android application is going to cause a huge drain on the battery. Therefore, when skiing I shut down nearly every application, make sure it is on charger until the very last moment I can. Plus, I shut off tracking when in for breaks.

On the Whole

A valuable application for anyone interested in capturing statistics on their motion through time and space.


An application directly and exclusively related to skiing!

Good Stuff!

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