Brule River Tap – I Take Some of it Back

Last spring I wrote a review of the breakfast at the Brule River Tap. I have to inform all of you they no longer serve breakfast and I say boo to that, but understand the reasons. So yesterday, I went in there about 10:00 am and found out there is no more breakfast to be had, but they did offer lunch. The lunch wasn’t spectacular but okay, especially in the breakfast mood I was in.

Too bad, but what to do? Perhaps the establishment on the Brule River serves a breakfast.

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  1. For sure! I hadn’t even had my two cups of coffee yet and was looking to have those there at the Tap. In fact, I was lucky to get two cups of coffee in this morning. I tell you my sole trip out to CO was to ski at Monarch and the first day and the second day were very different owing to the a light breakfast vs. a huge one (light the first day, huge the second day), second day skiing was much better than the first.

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