End of Season Weather

Sometime ago I wrote an article entitled March Madness it was not explicitly about the NCAA March Madness, but it touched it. No, the article was more skiing in March than anything. In it I stated:

March skiing is neat and the weather is the biggest factor in that. While the weather at our home hill is still very much winter it is a winter without its harsh edge. The temperatures are likely to be warmer without losing the snow or the likelihood of having some good quality snow dumps. Every skier likes a good snow dump, am I right? Am I right?

This March the weather played out differently.

The whole state went into spring in uniform manner. When we started seeing warm spring at home it was also showing the same signs Upnorth, and that is strange. This meant the resorts Upnorth lost snow sooner, had to strggle to be open for their springtime events, and I am guessing experience depressed visits. Skiers had to scramble to sell or use any extra pre-season passes they held, I saw lots of them up for sale on Craig’s List. A couple of ski resorts are still open, but not for long.

Oh well, BTW, there is no blizzard on the way, it was an attempt at April Fool’s humor.

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