Cold Boots

Gotta love warm boots!
Gotta love warm boots!
Cold ski boot — the dread of skiers.

I need to be better about keeping my boots warm.

I wear a pair of Atomic boots and my father wears a pair of Technicas. His boots are are real buggers when cold. It is not the discomfort of putting your feet into cold boots, it is trying to jam your feet into unyielding boots. You see, trying to put on cold boots can be a real struggle.

When my boots are warm I can get my feet in easily, but if I forget my boots in the truck overnight then it will be a real struggle to put my boots on. I will pull the loop down I will push and push and I get to the point I start to worry about my foot. Keeping at it eventually works. My cousin, reports having broke a pair of cold boots trying to put them on.

Remember, keep the boots warm!

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