Getting Clipped

Ski resorts, and as far as I know, ski patrollers have the authority to clip misbehaving skiers, boarders, and other participants at the ski resort. Typically, I would expect flagrantly out of control skiers, people engaged in criminal activity, and those being very inconsiderate of others as being eligible for clipping.

What is clipping? Most of the resorts I frequent give you two pieces to put together for your lift ticket. The first we refer to as a wicket which is a thin wire loop open at one end you hang on your zipper or another loop attached to your clothing. The second is the ticket itself which after peeling off the backing one folds over the wicket and the two ends of the ticket adhere to each other.

When a person gets sufficiently out of line, an authorized individual takes a wire cutter of some sort and cuts off the lift ticket — revoking your privilege to ski that day.
I have never seen that happen to anyone. Have you? I have seen people deserving of it, most notably, people skiing out of control and those involved with reckless collisions. I saw a group working a gang ski and they were moving down the hill fine (a gang ski is when a bunch of skiers set up in line and down the hill and the top skier slaloms slowly around their friends and sets up at the bottom of the line and the next one repeats). Then a snowboarder sets his sights on cruising through the line. Sure enough, he was so intent on his line he did not notice the woman winding her way down through the line (to be sure the woman did not notice the boarder either) and the boarder collided with the woman. Had I the power and proximity, I would have busted out my leatherman and clipped the guy (don’t worry, if boarder dude had been skier dude my attitude would have been the same).

Have you seen anyone clipped and why?

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