Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year — Do not Regret the Previous Year

Yeah, we all know that the previous years are sometimes best left in the past, but the idea is to learn and move on using the previous year to build your future with. For myself, 2012 started off good, good edged to great, and then ended lame. The good, the great, and the lame all have things from which I can learn and lessons to keep in mind for the future. Those lessons involve all facets of one’s life, financial, health, interpersonal, professional, etc.

Happy New Year — Plan not for the Upcoming Year, but for Next

Yes, I am already looking out to 2014. There are a number of things I have going on that will take time. My health plans for example have been at the forefront of my attention in a few months I will achieve those goals and be able to move my focus to other goals. Some of those goals again are personal and some are professional, all require time and patience and I hope the work of the past year will allow myself to continue building to those goals in the next year. Even when I achieve those goals, by the time I near those goals I am quite sure those goals will not serve as a resting point but a springboard to the next goal.

Happy New Year — No Matter What Just Have a Happy New Year

Of course, there is a time to think hard and deep about things and there are times not to. Spend some time with friends and family not thinking too deeply but deeply enjoying the company and New Year Spirit!

Happy New year — What are your Plans?

As for me, recuperating from illness and visiting with my brother, his girlfriend, my parents, and watching Bucky Badger win the Rosebowl!

What about you?

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