High Peaks Chairlift Painting LLC

Duh! Chairlifts need the same maintenance everything else in our world does, otherwise nature would slowly and inexorably reclaim the material in the lift.

Most of the lifts I have had the pleasure of riding on consist of a series of towers (often referred to as riblets) going up the hill, each tower having a set of pulleys to guide a loop of steel cable. To that cable are attached metal tubes connected to chairs. One end point of the system has a drive engine or motor and both have large pulleys often referred to as bullwheels to redirect the cable back down or back up the hill. Both end points also have various housings and shelters for the mechanicals and maybe for the employees and dismounting riders.

A lot of iron and steel. What happens to iron and steel? Slowly they return to their natural earthly state of iron oxide — usually called rust.

HighPeaks Chairlift Painting LLC (HPCP) to the rescue!

HPCP is a Wisconsin based business, headquartered around Madison Wisconsin (Sun Prairie to be exact) that I just became aware of via Facebook.

This makes lots of sense, I have never seen a rusty riblet and good thing too. This seems like an opportunity for two things. One, for me to talk with them and to write a story based on that talk. Two, a Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe episode!

Good Stuff!

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  1. Yeah, I hear them referred to as both towers and riblets. I would not be surprised if there is a difference between the two that industry insiders are privy on.

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