Let us Salute Boyne!

Saw the following tweet by The Ski Examiner Eric Wagnon:

@BOYNE announces donation total from last weekend’s effort for Haiti http://tinyurl.com/yeqgodx #skiing

. Following the link I see:

Donation totals $30,528

In response to the Haiti earthquake, the North American ski areas owned by Boyne Resorts donated $1 for each lift ticket sold Saturday, Jan. 16,…

That is good to hear

Too often we blithely continue on with trivial pursuits in midst of such disaster. I am glad Boyne elected to forgo some of their profits and pitch in to Haiti. I am glad a portion of the trivial pursuits of 30,528 skiers went to people who are in true need.

The people of Haiti are not looking to make a mortgage payment, they are looking a few calories to make it through another day.

Good Stuff!

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