Not Meh This Snowstorm

It is over, but it was a doozy.

5:00 am this morning I was awoken to make sure my wife got to work. I put on my snow gear, pressing into service my ski goggles, my ski (neck) gaiter, my ski parka, and my ski pants. I went out and found the snow to have formed the standard drift of about 4′ high about 25′ in front of my garage door. The scoop on my Arien’s snowthrower is about 2′ at most. It took me about 30-40 minutes to bust an alley open for the truck. Lorie got in and away we went.

The quarter mile from our house to the edge of the town of Greenville was not plowed and we were drift busting. Then a welcome sight, a Greenville snowplow, and once we got to the town of Greenville the driving was pretty easy, but despite the plowing we did encounter some drifiting in the roads, but nothing too serious. Once we got to HWY 15 it was good.

On the way back it was all good until the last quarter mile. Then it seemed like it got significantly worse since we left. In fact, I was quite worried about it, but I got through and into my dirveway and into my garage. Then I got in the house and went to sleep.

When I woke up I peeked outside and noticed my work from early in the morning was pretty much undone and this was confirmed about 1:00 pm when I started to get geared up to go get Lorie. So once again I got the Ariens out and busted an alley open for the truck, this time I had a nice big berm of snow at the end of my driveway indicating Dale was finally plowing. Eventually the alley was made and I got Lorie conveyed her to a party she was going to an ran errands.

Well, I spent the rest of my evening on the driveway and other things in and around outside. The snow is done, the winds are moderate now, and now begins the cold. We are in single digit land right now.

This is winter, but it brings joy!

Good Stuff!

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