A Packer Sunday at Ski Brule

As you may know the WI 2010 gun-dear season is underway. I spent Saturday in the woods, going from one spot to another trying to find a good place to hunt and a place far enough from other people. Incredible as it sounds, in the Nicolet National Forest that is not an easy thing to do. The forest is criss-crossed with logging and forest service roads, if you think you are in a far off remote spot, you may only be a 1/4 mile from a road and be subject to the presence of other hunters. Oh well, public lands, right?

Anyway Sunday the weather was lame with a fall of freezing drizzle, even the hardcore hunters in my party did not want to hunt that day. So we dilly-dallied around the cabin and eventually got up and went to Ski Brule to watch the Packer game.

We did not ski, my father and brother picked up their season’s passes and I just sit at the bar and watched the game and drank some beers. In addition, just watched the skiers and boarders do their thing. Saw some people I have not seen since last snow season (except via FB) and just generally become more pumped about snow season 2010-2011!

Good Stuff!

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