December Skiing — Not Enough Data

Do you ski in December?

It has been years since I have skied in December. Things are just too busy. Getting ready for Christmas both the house, the cooking, the cards, and the gifts.

If I am going to ski in December it would be early December and then I would not be certain I would want to use a pass due to hill conditions. When I held a season’s pass then I was a lot more open to the idea of skiing in the early part of the ski season.

The ski season in the Northern part of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan runs typically from middle November to the middle of April, and usually Ski Brule leads the way in opening and holds up the end in closing. I recall Ski Brule opening up on Halloween a couple of years ago and my father tells a story of Ski Brule being open on a Mother’s Day (this is over ten years ago now).

What sort of dates are we talking about in the rest of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest? I don’t really know because I am really paying attention to those hills “Up North”, however, I am going to change that.

How about you? Do you ski a lot in December?

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