Main Street Cafe — Breakfast Review

Last weekend I was on a serious search for a new breakfast joint after the demise of the breakfast at The Y-Knot and at The Brule River Tap. Fortunately we found a good place, but unfortunately it was in Iron River and that place in Iron River is The Main Street Cafe and is the subject of this review.

Still the extra drive was well worth it. We wandered around for a while and found the joint and found the parking for the place and went in. We were seated immediately and waited a bit for our coffee service and we got it along with menus. I did not think too much of the coffee one way or another but in the morning I need that coffee and if it tastes good then that is a bonus. The menus required some searching as the menu covered morning, noon, and night. Eventually the breakfast items were located and it was time for business.

Now, I looked over the omelet selection and they had about ten different omelets, I decided Youper Omemelt was the one for me! I added a glass of orange juice too. My father ordered the corned beef hash with two eggs sunny side up on the pile.

My Youper Omelet included sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms, and hasbrowns stuffed into the omelet and the entire plate was quite full. Yes, toast came along with it too.

How was the omelet? Excellent both in terms of quantity and taste. I walked out of the place with a full belly and ready to ski all day long. The orange juice and the toast (along with the coffee) excelled in its mediocrity. I have no solid reports on the corned beef hash. On Sunday I ordered the same exact breakfast and take that as confirming my initial opinions.

Will I go back? Yes and I recommend you go there too and please tell them The Wisconsin Skier sent you!

Good Stuff!

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