Skiing in Door County

I am in the process of redesigning the Wisconsin Skier Ski Map. That process is in its early stages more analysis than anything. However, it got me to thinking about ski resorts in the region and it struck me there are no ski resorts in Door County. So I did what was natural and consulted Google.

This is what I found at Door County Living (Autumn 2009):

Many Door County locals experience a wave of nostalgia every time they drive past Little Sweden on Highway 42 between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. A quick glance in the direction of those rolling hills brings back fond memories of a crackling fireplace, knit caps, seeing your breath in the cold air, lace-up boots and bear-trap bindings. Such memories exist because in days gone by, this location was the site of the popular ski hill Nor-Ski Ridge, where a generation of Door County residents learned to downhill ski.

Door County in Wisconsin is the upper portion of the peninsula separating the Green Bay from Lake Michigan.

While the article makes for great reading all I can say is isn’t it a shame? Door County is a popular and famous tourist destination during the summer, and I suppose you can find a number of winter tourists, but they are unable to choose downhill skiing as a means of recreating. Also, the residents of Door County are unable to make a quick getaway to a local ski hill. How many children will not have the same opportunities open to them that two former Door County skiers who went on to become US Ski team assistant coaches had?

There is plenty of cross-country skiing to be had, I am sure Door County has a fine network of snowmobile trails, and of course there is ice-fishing on the Green Bay. So, Door County and its towns will figure very infrequently here at the Wisconsin Skier and that is too bad, because Door County is a wonderful part of the state and the region.

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