Speaking to Resort Operators and Owners

I want to speak to those people reading The Wisconsin Skier who are resort owners, operators, managers, or just employees.

I know you read!

The purpose of my reviews is to give my readers a good idea of what they can expect at your resort. Now, I have found ski resort operators and owners enthusiastic about this project. However, no one is perfect and I may find fault with your resort when I visit.

I am not noting those faults I find, with malicious intent, but I want to provide feedback to you so you have an opportunity to judge the validity and correct. Of course, skiers looking for a resort to get some turns in may value that information too. They can judge if what I note is a pattern or more likely a one time thing. So far, one time things. In addition, I will allow you to provide explanation if you feel it warranted. In fact, you can register with the site and leave comments.

I moderate the comments and that is mainly to block spam. If you want to respond to anything I have written here please register and leave your comments.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!

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