Whitefish Bucket List

Goals and Objectives

Whitefish Bucket List -- Trailmap of Whitefish Mountain frontside

This upcoming March (now being February 2017) my cousin Lars and I will be driving out to Whitefish Mountain in Montana to get some big mountain skiing in. I am presenting my Whitefish bucket list containing items I aim to see or do while there.

Here is the list in no particular order.

  1. Photograph the Whitefish Jesus

  2. Whitefish Jesus -- Statue of Jessus at Whitefish Ski Resort in Montana
    Have mercy on my legs

  3. Eat the Hellroaring Lodge Nachos

  4. Hell Roaring Lodge Nachos
    Lunch and Dinner

  5. Shoot some images and video relating to US Highway 2
  6. Get lessons

  7. Take the mountain tour
  8. Meet family I have never met before
  9. See Great Aunt Dot
  10. Take a wall hanger photograph
  11. Ski with and photograph the ghosts
  12. Ski boot deep or deeper powder (see item 4 above)
  13. Ski a top to bottom mountain black diamond run (see item 4 above)
  14. Ski Hellfire (3+ mile run)

I will be updating this post as I am able to, striking accomplished items and filling in some details as I accomplish the items. Most likely, most updates will occur after I return home.

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