Ski Dubai Hosts On Slope Easter Egg Hunt

Ski Dubai is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt.

This is interesting for a number of reasons. As you may know Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has its own ski resort, an indoor structure where they keep the temperatures cool enough to keep the snow from melting en-masse. Dubai’s natural climate even at its coolest is extremely hostile to snow. In fact, the nation only gets snow in its high mountain areas once every 25 years or so and the snow does not last long at all. Obviously, the snow at Ski Dubai is 100% man-made with no days of fresh deep pow or even deep non-pow snow.

I lived in the United Arab Emirates from 1992 through 1998. Unfortunately, this was prior the construction of Ski Dubai and in any event, I did not take up skiing in a serious way until after I returned from the UAE.
Another curious angle on this event is the Easter event. You are probably aware the UAE is a nation that holds its Islam close to its heart and it may seem odd a venue in the UAE would host an event themed on a Christian holiday. The UAE depends heavily on expatriate labor and much of the workers do come from the US, Europe, Christian regions of India, and the Philippines. Those workers (especially the Westerners and professional Asians) have disposable income and Dubai does work very hard to promote itself as a tourist destination. So, the secular aspects of Christian holidays are used in business and event promotion as long as the organizer is not an explicitly government based body.

I hope the event goes well for all involved!

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