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Definitely for ALL skiers
For All Skiers

So how about a little ski talk dare-double-dare? What’s one thing about yourself that your skiing buddies maybe don’t know? I’ll start. I love skiing green runs. That’s somewhat of a frowned-upon sentiment among the folks I ski with in Colorado. This is particularly so among my super-fit high-country friends, where good skiing tends to involve a lot of steeps, speed, bumps and adrenaline followed by a lot of food and drink.

So says Julie Bort at the New West Snow Blog.

Do you ski on the green runs by choice?

I do. Usually this means I am on the way to the warming hut for a chilli dog and some beer, and I take the opportunity to experiment or work on some drills. I take the approach I used to learn to ski, I start a technique on an easy run and get confident with the skill/technique and then I work it up to more difficult and challenging runs until it becomes a regular part of my skiing repertoire.

Julie says the greens offer the challenge of skiing chiquesne and often prevent her from enjoying her excursions down the greens. I find it different, but my greens are even simpler than her greens. I have no problem dealing with skiing chiquesne on greens around here, but on our intermediate runs where the speeds are higher I take a more cautious approach. Beginners on blacks are not a problem because they are usually perched at the top of the run, or are schussing the run straight down the center.

Going down the blues though skiing chiquesne is a different matter all together. I usually slow down and take a wider traverse or try to mirror their movements and when I am about on them I break opposite of them. Does that work all the time? No, but I try to time things so I make my break where I have options, I did this once at the trail’s edge and the skiing chiquesne broke out of their pattern and I was nearly run into the woods, I got around them but it was close!

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