Snow Season 2012-2013! What are you Plans?

Can there be any doubt snow season 2012-2013 is imminent? Probably the same as you I am not feeling joy at the departure of summer, but I do not regard winter with dark sentiments.

Snow is Coming What to Do?

The only thing one can do is to move and I do not consider that an option. So I elect to find things to do outside and skiing fits that bill. Obviously winter has its annoyances but again what to do? I am looking to do more outdoors, and I hope to take up cross-country skiing, heck, I also hope to ride my bike!

Grand Plans

Again as with every winter I start to hatch plans for a grand trip to get some world class skiing again, but as is usual events and outside forces will nix those. I am hoping to take the usual local and regional trips. In fact, I am looking at joining the Sly Fox Ski Club and get on the trip to Boyne! On that trip I hope to meet up with a couple of my ski press online friends!


I hope to ski at more different resorts this season. Typically, we ski at Ski Brule but I want to get to some other resorts too this winter. A buddy is talking about our ski weekend getaway to be at Devil’s Head or Cascade. I am up for that! Besides, I am the Wisconsin Skier and not the Youper Skier!

Smarter on Lift Tickets

Last season I over-purchased pre-season passes, even without the early end that was a mistake. Craig’s List is a great source for getting late season skiing on the cheap.

Your Plans for the Season?

do you have any grand plans for the 2012-2013 ski & snow season? A trip to a grand resort? A trip to see a world cup race? New gear? What are they please share!

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