The 2009 — 2010 Ski Season in Review

How was your ski season?

I had a pretty good ski season. It started earlier than normal but ended a littler sooner than usual. I skied at Ski Brule nine times, Blackjack once, and I skied for the first time at Nordic Mountain. The old saying about quantity vs. quality is one I need to consider here, as I did ski more than normal, so the quantity is fine; how about the quality?
The quality of the skiing this year was good. Not only in terms of the snow but also in terms of how I skied. I got back into it much quicker than normal and skied well pretty much throughout the whole season. I enjoyed every snow-day I had and I earned some silver on the NASTAR course and was invited to Winter Park (I did not go) to ski in NASTAR Nationals. I became bolder about skiing with my camera gear and learned a few things about snow photography.

My trip to Nordic Mountain was a first for me and the trip to Blackjack was a first in a while. Unfortunately, that was the only downer to the season and no one can help the weather. I got some nice photos form Blackjack.

The highlight of the photography was the USSA races at Ski Brule and I enjoyed that. I will be back and have some sort of system down so I know who is on course and then on pixels. What I learned there I took to the Blackjack Slushcup competition and got some good photos.

Next season I hope to take in a few more new resorts and I will rejoin The Sly Fox Ski Club. Who knows, maybe a trip out West too?

Good Stuff!

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