The Ride Before the Chair

Of course is in an automobile of sorts.

Liftopia asked about what car goes good with skiing and put up some of their own ideas. I have to take exception to the list, in fact I would suggest the cars on the Liftopia front page are in fact ill suited for ski vehicles.

What makes for a good ski vehicle?

Cargo capacity, cargo capacity is a very important for skiers. Skis are long (even short ones) as are poles, and the boots are bulky. Of course, snowboards are not quite compact tiny items either. So, jackets, boots, skis, poles, ski & boot bags, people, perhaps food, drinks, etc etc etc. Then we add in….

People, how many of us go to the ski resorts alone? I am often accompanied by at least one other maybe two or three more. You don’t fit ski gear and four people into a Porsche. If we go to a distant ski resort or out of state to a destination ski resort it takes more than a sedan to haul the people and gear needed.

Now, one other factor I consider is the full size engine and four wheel drive capabilities of the vehicle. Again, skiing involves snow and being in snow with its accompanying hazards, such as skidding off into a snowy ditch or just just getting caught in a snow covered road.

What car to you take to the snow resorts?

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