Turn Quest — Part 3

Jim was sure all was set to go when he returned from vacation, but he knew he would check it a few more times. On his way out he ran in Lilly whom he worked with on a previous project and Lilly too was an avid skier. So, they chatted a bit and there was nothing consequential said but it mostly centered on the imminent trip to Utah.

So Jim exited the office complex and walked for the parking lot. All the while trying to figure out how to work his legs a little more without losing his professional composure, it was not easy, he wanted to hop down the stairs, keeping his feet together and alternately landing on left and right blocks, but his professionalism prevailed and settle for walking the stairs in a normal fashion. Still, he viewed his trips up and down the stairs as wasted opportunities for some extra exercise.

Okay, what was the itinerary again? Oh yeah, he put his list on the passenger seat and that immediately got buried by the paperwork he carried out of the office.

Oh yeah Jack needed new long johns, Jennifer needed a new set of goggles, they needed to replace the cooler, and he needed to stop at the grocery store to purchase foodstuffs they would eat and drink on the way out, they planned to spend one night on the way to Utah and back; and then one night on the way back. In between, they planned only to stop for biobreaks and gas fillups (with lots of hope the two could be combined). The shopping list always appeared to be small and never apparently taking too much time, but in practice even a small shopping list seemed to burn at least two hours.

Meanwhile Sally was having her patience seriously tried. Jennifer, was in a “playful” mood and was pushing each one of Jack’s buttons and each of those buttons was coming up crabby, which of course was endless delight for Jennifer. Sally tried to explain to Jack what Jennifer was up to, but to no avail, eventually Sally sent both to soft-confinement. Even in soft-confinement, Jennifer was able to push the buttons. However, the packing was done, except for the sandwich making, the few items for the children Jack was getting, and the of course the last minute checks and packing. Trips were good, but the last minute preparation with the anticipation of the start is always a pain.

Since Sally was in a wait mode, she sat down and took a big sip of her coffee and then thought about last minute checks of things around the house.

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