Rib Mountasin Climb -- 3 cat

Rib Mountain Climb

April 25, 2016 0

I still consider myself an inexperienced cyclist and living in the gentle farmlands of Northeast Wisconsin I can work on distance, I can work on sprinting, but I really have nowhere near to work on […]

The Sharp Edge

Ski Smaller

October 19, 2015 3

We all know the cliché go big or go home but when it comes to skiing it is not always possible or even desirable to go big. The choice many of us have is ski […]

Fitbit Review
Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

Fitbit Review

December 22, 2014 2

Recently my work’s (as in my 825 job) wellness program sponsored me a Fitbit device and so far I have mixed feelings about the Fitbit. Should you get a Fitbit, read on and you will […]

My Bike -- Dire Wolf

Transition from Skiing to Biking

April 17, 2013 0

The season is rapidly moving from being my favorite time of the year to the least favorite time. The time between the end of ski season and the start of the warm season. The weather […]

No Picture

Green, Gold, and Blue

January 13, 2010 0

From the title of this site I am sure you will guess correctly as to which NFL team I am a fan of. Yeap, the Green & Gold — The Green Bay Packers. I like […]