Till Death Do Us Part

Last night from roughly 10:00 pm through 11:00 pm, at the international headquarters of The Wisconsin Skier we experienced a thunderstorm. Being that I was in and out of serious sleep I did not know of the severity of that storm, but reports throughout the day indicated the storm was a nasty one. That storm continued on and passed out onto Lake Michigan.

Then comes this report from The Chicago Sun Times:

The bodies of two sailors who disappeared when their boat capsized in a storm during the Chicago Yacht Club’s Race to Mackinac were recovered by Coast Guard divers Monday morning and identified as the skipper of the boat and a crew member, both from Saginaw, Mich.

Did you ever think about possibility of having that ultimate exit happen to you while engaging in your passions?

I suppose it all depends. If your passion is playing bridge I am guessing the thought of dying playing a hand of bridge is a thought that does not occur, though, I am sure more than one person has died with a handful of cards at the bridge table. Still, you know what I mean, sailing from Chicago to Michigan is fraught with peril, but even then who thinks they will die in that race? Surely, the cavalry will arrive in the nick of time? No the cavalry does not always come charging over horizon at the last moment.

Have you ever thought about that? I am no motorhead, but the snowmobile is a different story for me and I grew up thinking if I was going to kill myself with a motor vehicle the snowmobile would be that vehicle. Future events have not yet played that scenario out yet, Thank God for that! I have thought about the possibility of meeting my end on the ski slopes, but again it never a serious thought. I am a capable skier skiing on slopes well within my abilities.

However, Mark & Suzanne perished engaging in their passions, their families, friends, co-workers, acquaintances will miss them dearly. RIP Mark Morley and Suzanne Bickel.

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