My Highs and Lows for the 2010-2011 Snow Season

Yeah, you may have guessed it, I am done skiing for the 2010-2011 ski season. I skied last Saturday April 09 at Ski Brule and about an hour before the last chair I hit the Big Bear and skied to the lodge and clicked out of my K2s for the last time this season.

So, this is a season ending review of my ski season. Like all seasons there are good things and bad things about it. Also, I have gotten in touch with some of my contacts in the industry and have asked if they would be willing to write similar pieces. Well here is mine.


Skied Well

I skied really well this year. There was only one trip were conditions intimidated myself and that was when the hill was 100% ice glazed and super cold out. I did worry about the cold, but the solid ice conditions held me back. However, other than that, the skiing was excellent and after a few warm up runs I was attacking and skiing fast and aggressively.

Skiers downhill from me did not phase me like they used to. I skied up to them fast and then would bleed speed as I got closer to them. I would not skid, I would cut across the fall line and back until I was able to pass them.

I think my skiing improved tremendously this year over previous years, fluffencrud did not disturb me the least bit and soft wet spring snow just meant I had to burn more calories.


The new OmniHeat Technology jacket from Columbia was brilliant. Kept me warm even during that first outing when temperatures were near zero. Allowed me to wear fewer layers, I could go on and on but I’ll keep it simple and just highly recommend it.

The helmet was a new gear addition. I liked it, gave me a little more confidence that I was not going to seriously hurt myself and it was plenty warm and did not look bad either. Just need a little more clearance when going through doors and the like.

My HTC Evo phone was just brilliant. That and the My Tracks application enabled me to know how fast I ski and what kind of distances we cover and to share that information. The only problem is the application (and all the others I run) just suck the life out of the battery, real quick.

I took to hot-waxing our skis before going out. Why I did not start doing this earlier, is crazy. I did not quite get into edge tuning, but that is the next ski tuning trick to learn.

Ski Buddies

Our trip to Indianhead was great. Got to meet up with a childhood friend and his wife and just hang out with one cool cat. Unfortunately, we did not meet up until the late side.

The Lows

Big Powderhorn

The resort’s main lodge burned down, need I say more?

Ski Buddy Problems

Three of my ski buddies either did not make it out or were unable to come out enough. I surely hope the one who did not make it out can get somethings turned around and some strength back and we can ski to the backside and say hi to Ralda. I guess it comes as no surprise I hope my other two buddies can turn the corner on their own troubles. I spent way too much time skiing by myself this year.

Did Not Ski Enough

However, this is always a problem.

Antsy for Getting Out West

I’ve not been out West for like seven years now. That has TO CHANGE!


The 2010-2011 was a great ski season! Am anxiously awaiting the 2011-2012 ski season!

Good Stuff!

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