Mark Framness -- The Wisconsin Skier
The Wisconsin Skier
Welcome to The Wisconsin Skier. What is the Wisconsin Skier about? It is mainly about an active outdoor lifestyle.

During the winter months this means the following activities:

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Alpine skiing is my chief passion it is the inspiration for this webzine and actually the inspiration for my summertime passion.

  • Nordic Skiing
  • My love of Alpine skiing spills over into other forms of skiing too. While I do not often engage in cross-country skiing I will and I will write about it.

Diablo Criterium 2016 -- Diablo Cycling Team/Club Logo
Diablo Cycling!
During Spring, Summer, and Fall I focus on cycling. In an effort to lose weight to protect my knees and hips from excessive wear I started to ride my bicycle. This penance transformed itself into passion. I am now an active member of the Appleton cycling scene and am looking forward to entering USAC races next summer as a full member of Diablo Cycling!

Other topics I write about are:

  • Health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Travel
  • Food and drink
  • Enertainment
  • Product reviews

All of this is done in a completely free-lance style.


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