Skiing ABCs

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Skiing ABCs -- Terminology Associated with Skiing
The Skiing ABCs -- Image Source: Pixabay
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This is the lead article in a series of 26 I am going to do entitled Skiing ABCs. It is NOT a presentation of basic ski technique but instead I will go over the jargon associated with skiing and Alpine sports in general.

Skiing and alpine sports have their own set of jargon and terms. The terms are sometimes unique to our sport but most of the time they are shared with other sports or other jargon-sets. The terms usually have a meaning specific to our sport quite different from their use in other areas. Of course I will be presenting the terms in the context of Alpine sports and skiing in particular.

Each page in the series is going to follow alphabetical order and will contain at least one word I can somehow associated to skiing and alpine sports. The terms will cover all aspects of the sport they may be pejoratives, related to gear, related to weather, related to fitness, related to ski resorts, and just wait and see!

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