A picture from the main lift looking uphill at Whitecap Mountain Resort

Whitecap Mountain Resort

Whitecap Mountain Resort is located in Northern Wisconsin around Hurley. It is in the area where Big Powderhorn Mountain and the Big Snow Country resorts are located, so this area is a ski mecca for […]

Training to Ski -- Am image of an Amtrak train with snow and pine trees
Après Ski

Training to Ski

For the annual ski trip instead of driving to ski we were “training” to ski. That is we took the Empire Builder Amtrak train from Columbus Wisconsin to Whitefish Montana. In my previous two trips […]

Avalanche -- photo of an avalanche with substantial snow cloud
The Sharp Edge

Avalanche Beacons Inbounds

Responding to Unofficial Networks I reckon most skiers do not know what an avalanche beacon is let alone wonder if they need to wear such beacons inbounds at resorts. However, Unofficial Networks editorializes on the […]

Trainerroad review -- a screen capture of my trainerroad wnorkout -- kennedy mountai
Après Ski

Trainerroad Review

I recently purchased the annual license to Trainerroad and I present to you this Trainerroad review! Disclosure Every review I write contains this disclosure statement (maybe not the early ones but I do note how […]

Ripping Snowboarder!

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Lutsen Expanding Too!

Lutsen Expansion

Like its step-sister resort Granite Peak, Charles Skinner and Tom Rider owners of Lutsen Mountains are planning a Lutsen expansion. The first step in the works is a new gondola and then they are looking […]

The Skiing ABCs J -- Ski terms and jargon starting with the letter J.

The Skiing ABCs J

This entry is part of 16 in the series Skiing ABCs

Skiing ABCsThe Skiing ABCs NThe Skiing ABCs MThe Skiing ABCs LThe Skiing ABCs KThe Skiing ABCs JSkiing ABCs ISkiing ABCs HSkiing ABCs GSkiing ABCs FSkiing ABCs ESkiing ABCs DSkiing ABCs CSkiing ABCs BSkiing ABCs ASkiing […]

My bike Dire Wolf and energy calculations
Après Ski

Bike Tune

I just got my bike tuned. Unlike my plan with my skis, I have had this done professionally. Not so much because I do not want to do it, but more because I am not […]

Diablo Criterium 2016 -- Diablo Cycling Team/Club Logo

Diablo Criterium 2016

The Diablo Criterium 2016 was held on May 14th adjacent Jefferson Park in Menasha WI. The weather was cold but the cycling was hot with events starting at 8:00 am and the last event finishing […]

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