Diablo Criterium 2016

Diablo Criterium 2016 -- Diablo Cycling Team/Club Logo

The Diablo Criterium 2016 was held on May 14th adjacent Jefferson Park in Menasha WI. The weather was cold but the cycling was hot with events starting at 8:00 am and the last event finishing at 8:30 pm!

Diablo Criterium 2016 — Disclosure

I am a member of the Diablo cycling club and was actively involved with this event mostly in terms of putting it on. I entered the 8:00 am time trial and it is my first official US Cycling race. I do regret not joining in the cat 4/5 criterium, I could have handled it. I was not concerned about the speed and keeping up but about the handling. The field of competitors was not as numerous as I figured and the field strung out early with the largest group in this event being maybe 4-5 cyclists.

Diablo Criterium 2016 — Marshalling

Diablo Criterium 2016 -- Loon State Cyclist
Loon State Cycling
Most of the day after my event I sat on road closures and marshalled. Essentially I played traffic cop. I would challenge people trying to enter the course with their car and provided they were just driving down the street (ie going to their home) I would open the course and give them the all clear to proceed. I had only one sketchy moment at the end of the day. I waved a truck through and immediately after that the peloton appeared around the corner. I attempted to stop the driver but my pleas fell on deaf ears, fortunately, the truck driver proceeded quickly through the intersection and he was just crossing the course and did not need to drive on it. I also had to contend with children and dogs, and I needed to ask the children to not run out in the road and one of them thought it would be fun to run a few line grabbers during the race. One stern warning was needed to correct this and their dog was hanging out on the sidewalk, fortunately, the dog was chill and again a request to the children to pull their dog back into the secured area of their yard was all that was needed.

Diablo Criterium 2016 — Photos

I took two races off of the marshalling to focus on photography! The emphasis is just in case you miss it!

Diablo Criterium 2016 -- three cyclists cornering left.
Brad Cullen, Tim Reinhardt, and Jeff Abitz carve corner one
I took nearly 5 GB of photos and I know people are looking for those photos. Please stay tuned to this venue as I am not a professional photographer and there are a ton of photos to weed through. A Loon State Cycling racer asked when and where I am going to pon ost the photos. Neither question has a solid answer. I suppose I can share my FB photo album I have created to the “Wisconsin Skier” and “Wisconsin Cyclist” Facebook pages, simply like them and watch.

Also, if you want to obtain a photo for your own use contact me (see the menus above for the means to contact me). I will provide you with a low resolution image compliments but full resolutions we will have to work something out in private. Please be patient with the progress of my editing and publishing, I work a regular job, I cycle after that job, I need to do the chores and things everyone else needs to do and this means I have little time for photo editing.

I have not competed athletically since I was in high school (I don’t consider NASTAR & RTL to be competitions). It was neat to be in the zone and the only thing from the outside breaking into that zone was the cheers of my friends!

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