This Gives Wedge Another Meaning!

Skiers understand the term wedge in a different manner than teen bully pranksters. Skiing in a wedge is also called the snowplow stance and is when you ski by weighting the inside edges of both skis and point the tips at each other and the tails are spread apart, another term used to describe this stance is pizza.

That is different from wedgie, we all generally know what a wedgie is and we do not usually associated wedgie with skiing. Another great entry for the glossary!

I see stuff along this line frequently while riding up Ski Brule’s backside chair. Usually kids who are horsing around on the T-Bars will fall down or ride up solo with the bar between their thighs and the bar behind them.

Read on for an hilarious on the slopes wedgie!

All due tips-o-the-hat to da Roopedog!

Spotted via YouTube:

Good Stuff!


  1. Patrick, Yeah no doubt. I did a fair amount of skiing with my digital camera this year. I would like to tether the lens cap, but I was comfortable skiing with it. Next step up is to either get a smaller dedicated video camera or get equally bold with our existing video cam.

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