Top 10 Signs of Ski Obsession

Are you obsessed with skiing? Read the top signs and see how many of them apply to you!


You have thirty different words for snow.


You think grass skiing may be a way to keep the thrill going all year around.


You are worried about burning snow when you vacation in the winter during a tropical location.


You write silly top-ten lists about ski obsession.


In the summer time you know exactly where all of your ski gear is but you are not certain about the location of your swimming & snorkeling gear.


You often find yourself depressed in the summertime while you are elated the whole winter long.


You view spectacular ski crashes are just another way to gain notoriety on the hill.


When you are turning a corner in your office, you plant an imaginary pole and skiing around that imaginary pole (geeky math comments welcome and encouraged here).


On slippery floors you have to stop yourself from skid stopping.


When going down stairways you imagine yourself carving down the stairs, instead of walking.

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