May Snow

May Snow
May's Snow
Did not amount to much. A Facebookie of mine and former roommate noted big flakes small snow, small flakes big snow. Indeed the snow did not amount to much but any snow in May is annoying.

The snow was not annoying due to making the roads slippery or hard to navigate, it was because the conditions were more like the end of summer than the beginning of summer. In fact, when we arrived on Friday it all seemed very queer. The weather screamed late October or November, but the green leaves on the trees said otherwise.

Driving out on Saturday morning meant low hanging branches. The evergreen branches were low and when driving in hardwoods the branches of those trees also hung low. I was expecting to see lots of downed branches with green leaves on them.

The Road to Wood
The only downed limbs I saw were dead ones and even those were not many.

We found some downed and okay wood. A balsam that fell down the previous week was removed (it was in the roadway and Brian & Dad had to cut it up to clear the road, the owner came out and offered the wood to us), that wood will get cut, split, and piled next to the firepit outdoors for bonfire wood.We also found some downed hardwood in the National Forest (we have a permit to collect such wood). We cut those pieces up and loaded into the trailer. We made two such partial loads and some of that has already been cut to 16", split, and stacked.

So we have a good start on firewood production for the year. The snow? It was almost all gone by the end of Saturday and when driving home on Sunday, we only saw small patches here and there in the shadows.

Good Stuff!

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