Think Skiing!

Even on the beach I think skiing!

Think Skiing!
Even on the Beach I think skiing!
Folks, it is time to think skiing! If I am on the beach in an exotic tropical location reading Skiing Magazine (and yes, Ski Magazine was on my reading list too) how much more now that I am at home with reports of nearby falling snow?

My wife and I left the USA for the Philippines in early September for a three week vacation and returned in late September. We had a most excellent time and I consider the trip to be my best (of three total) trip I have made to the Philippines. Not only did I get some beach time in I also managed to log some bicycle kilometers in the Metro Manila area.

I took about a 30 KM ride (17-18 miles) with my nephew Erwin, he provided a folding bike and we cranked it out. It was very interesting to ride in Manila traffic!

The vacation is over and so is summer and it is now time to start to think skiing for real!

Think Skiing — Start Getting into Shape!

If you are not actively working out on a regular basis the time to start is now! If you are actively working out start tailoring your workouts for skiing, focus on legs and core, but don’t forget your upper body. The best time to start a fitness program is years ago, the second best time is now. Get going, you will find your skiing will improve, it will be more enjoyable, and that your life in general will improve! In fact, I credit my improved physical fitness with making my Philippines trip much more enjoyable than the previous two trips.

Think Skiing — Gear Review

Get your gear out of storage and start to clean and prep it for the upcoming season. Perhaps consider replacing old or dated gear as well, now is not the best time to replace gear, but much better now than when you are at a high-priced resort and you have no choice.

Think Skiing — Trip Planning

It is also time to start planning your ski trips for the year. Get together with your buddies and start making those plans. Ski and snowboard clubs are also starting to meet, time to meet with your clubs again and look at the trips and activities they have planed. Also, now is the time to start looking for pre-season lift ticket bargains.

Think Skiing — The Time is Near!

While I like summer and fall (especially now I took up cycling) I am never too disappointed when winter arrives and while winter is not yet here it is close and it is definitely time to start to think skiing!

What do you do now to get ready for imminent start of ski season?

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