Lance Armstrong and His Fall

the yellow jersey of the Tour de France
The Fall of Lance Armstrong

the yellow jersey of the Tour de France
The Fall of Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) during the peak of his professional bicycle competition days. I know many are gleeful to see this day . I disagree with that and think now the dogs have nothing more to chase he can move on to bigger and better things.

In his admission of guilt he can move on, will others?

Lance Armstrong — Still Impressive

There is no doubt the use of PEDs contributed to his amazing bicycle wins. However, one must consider a few things. First, that sport is awash in PEDs. Current grand tour rider (with an equally impressive record) Suspicions of PED usage dog Alberto Contador and he has served suspensions for positive PED tests. In any event, I challenge you to even finish a mountain stage in one of the grand tours, with or without PEDs.

Lance Armstrong did this despite the fight with cancer he had and the absolute grueling grind that professional bike riding is. That is impressive with or without using PEDs.

FYI, Lance continues to compete in endurance events, I saw him on Universal Sports some months ago competing in a triathlon.

Lance Armstrong — LiveStrong

I am a regular visitor to the website he spearheaded — LiveStrong! It is a good website and seeks to inspire others to get off of their ez-chairs and become active! It also provides advice on healthy eating, it is an all around source of information and inspiration on becoming a more healthy person.

I have seen people joke about the site calling it LiveWrong but I do not see anything wrong with LiveStrong despite its founder’s lie. It is attempting to motivate people to a better and more healthy life. Lance knows what it is like to undergo major medical treatment and if the website can help others avoid similar ordeals that is good. I have witnessed (as have we all) people undergoing major medical ordeals brought on by previous lifestyle choices and it is no fun for them and no fun for those of us who love them. LiveStrong provides guidance to prevent taking those wrong turns.

Perhaps we can view LiveStrong as Lance’s penance?

Lance Armstrong — The Lie

As is usually the case, it was not so much the original crime but the coverup and the lie Lance was living that incensed most people. Lance was a part of a team in all of this and the team was falling to the accusations and he called everyone else liars and continued to deny the truth. People can not let that go especially those who were around him when he was engaging in the use of the PEDs.

Lance Armstrong was doing deeds in the dark. The consequence of those deeds coming to the light kept Lance from acknowledging the truth, one has to wonder how much the need to keep his usage of PEDs in the dark motivated his behavior? If someone did that to someone else, would that not be extortion? Of course it would be, in essence Lance was extorting himself and now the lie is over he can live more freely.

Lance Armstrong’s fall was actually a long time ago and not today. I would guess he would still have been an amazing rider without the use of PEDs, just not the legend we thought he was. He is now free from his days of PED usage but now must live with the consequences of the lie.

I am not so concerned one way or the other about all of this, hero-worship is something that can only lead to disappointment and so I avoid it.

How about your thoughts on this fiasco?

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