Breakfast Review Part Deux

YABJR! Yet another breakfast joint review! Not that the Brule River Tap is a strictly breakfast joint.

Today’s review covers Ma’s Place at 309 US HWY 2 in Wakefield Michigan. Last weekend (March, 13 2010) we skied Blackjack (review and photos forthcoming) Resort and Ma’s Place has acquired a legendary place in Framness ski lore (the same as Abba). Is Ma’s Place a stop you want to consider?

Read on!

Ma’s Place is right off of US HWY 2 in Wakefield Michigan and on the north side of the road. It is somewhat easy to recognize as it has a lots of windows and an addition on the west side of the building.

We arrived and were promptly seated. We then obviously requested beers, hahahahahaha, just kidding, we requested coffees. This was one point I found irritating, we were given cups of coffee and not a pot. Not a big deal if we don’t get a pot of coffee but then please be attentive to our coffee pressure! I drained my first cup of coffee and had to wait for what I deemed to be a long time to get more coffee. Why was this? Give a pot to the customer if you can not be sufficiently attentive!

I ordered their Logger’s Omelet and what a monster that is. I judge restaurants on a combined scale weighing two points. Quality and quantity. As long as both attributes are not too far out of whack a high score in one scale can offset a lower score in the other. The Logger’s Omelet is decent but quite standard on the quality scale. The omelet is a standard distributed egg mix omelet stuffed with a meat of your choice, cheese, and onion. In turn Ma’s Place used the omelet as stuffing to a serving (or three) of hash browns. We had that breakfast around 10:00 am and I did not feel a twinge of hunger until 5:00 pm or so. I really appreciated that with the skiing conditions we had that day.

So, as you can tell the logger’s omelet scores satisfactory on the quality scale and is a huge winner on the quantity scale and that makes for a good combined score.

One other item pleasing to myself was the variety of jellies. Most breakfast places I visit may have one or two jelly varieties, but Ma’s Place had more varieties and that was small but nice flair.

How about pricing? Reasonable, three of us ate, and the total bill came to a little more than $24.00, with the other two receiving similar breakfasts. None of us had juices it was just coffee and water.

Food: 80%
Quality: 70%
Quantity: 100%
Service: 80%
Price: 95%
Atmosphere: unrated
Overall: 85%

Will I return ? YES
Should you stop? Yes

Good Stuff!

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